---- 2023 ----


Check your game

Tom the postgirl got selected in ProHelvetia's "Check your game" program and will be mentored during 5 months !


---- 2022 ----


Retro Ads 

If you are ever in need of a good gift, Tom has the perfect ideas !

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As a mean to brainstorm some new juicy ideas for the next chapters of Tom, Léa drew one picture a day to try and convey Tom's spirit in a few strokes.

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Pop Con

Tom the postgirl and its 3 daisies were present at the Pop Con 2022 in Zürich ! We got a lot of positive feedbacks and promise : the Steam page will be up next time, ready for your wishlists ;D


In the context of "SGDA x Fantoche : Playful Animation", Lea gave a presentation about the process of Tom at the festival located in Baden. 



Thanks to the ZHdK, a selection of Bachelor project could be exhibited during the gamesweekberlin. There were lot of visitors and many great exchanges with Berliner studios !